Welcome to PCDC!

This is the Website of the Politics & Culture of Digital Capitalism (PCDC) Reading Group. You can learn more about our ‘mission’- why we started PCDC and what we have in mind for it here.

Our program is organized around three streams:

  • Stream I: In our ‘colloquium’, we meet once a month to discuss both draft and final versions of research papers, grant proposals, etc.

  • Stream II: In our ‘book club’, we meet once every few months to discuss a published book.

  • Stream III: In our ‘featured events’ stream, we co-organize various online and offline events, including more public-facing ones.

If you want to be put on our mailing list to be informed about our events and get access to papers, write an email to Michael!

If you’d like to present a paper in our colloquium yourself, get in touch with Timo!

If you’d like to suggest a book for the book club or have an idea for a featured event, get in touch with Anna and Felix!